Octopus-to-go and other weird food in Japan…


I quite like this bloke on the front of some sort of candy wrapper here in Tokyo’s 7/11. Whoever decided on him as a mascot for this snack somehow also decided that a look saying “Wait! Eat this and suffer intolerable constipation!” was the perfect way to advertise this product. I’d have done the same thing, actually, which probably goes to show why I didn’t last too long in advertising.

I love that you can get anything in 7/11 here. Some of the food is positively gourmet! I’ve not seen packaged cuisine of this calibre since I left the UK – they definitely don’t have this in South America or Indonesia.

Today I bought a packed lunch of some fine octopus tentacles from the supermarket…

… And scarfed it down with a wonderful wiener…

Well, actually I didn’t, because why would I do something as boring as picking things up and interacting with humans when I can get everything outside from a vending machine?

I’m fascinated by foods in foreign countries… especially packaged foods that look as happy to see me as I am them. I could literally spend hours in a supermarket abroad. It’s not just me though right? I mean, this stuff is amazing! Plus, you can tell a lot about a nation by what they eat. The Japanese are all kids at heart because they enjoy messing with regular things like these Kit Kats here… mixing shiz up, adding an element of surprise. They’ve turned them green. Green for God’s sake. Genius.

Oh and also today, I found my own coffee shop. If I never see anything else in Tokyo I will go home happy for seeing this…

…. And perhaps this delectable pork cutlet sandwich which could have been mine for 2000 yen, (about $20).

Luckily I was full of bargain octopus and constipation sweeties so I went on my merry way, up the road to the next 7/11.

Tokyo is awesome!