OMG. I just met myself, from the future…

There’s an old lady sitting at the table over from me who is also drinking Coke and looking at a computer. I keep thinking she is me returning from the future. It’s creeping me out! But then again, I am in Capilla del Monte and today I learnt a whoooooole lot about quartz crystals and the power of the mountain, which I can’t write about here, obviously because I’m saving it for the book but SERIOUSLY, there are powers here that I feel could possibly bring my future self back to a cafe, to taunt me.

Yikes, she just looked over. She’s shut her laptop now because her food has arrived. I’m going to sneak a photo while she’s shovelling…

OK. I did it. Here I am. I mean, here she is.

Does she look like me, only old? I think she does you know. Oh…. and in a weird twist, she has NOW been joined by a younger man. Gasp. I’m not kidding, look! He joined her as I was typing!

Good on Granny Me though, romancing a youthful Argentine. You know sometimes when the doubt sets in and I think, fuuuuck, am I like, the only person in the world who’s not engaged or married? Well maybe I just won’t ever be and that’s the message from the powers in Capilla del Monte, tonight. Maybe I’m just going to be romancing hotties from foreign countries till the day I die and maybe I should just be OK with that.

Look at those hand gestures, and how he’s laughing. I know my iPhone zoom can’t quite capture the sparkle in his eyes, but trust me, right now he is SHINING. He fricking loves Granny Me. I have totally still got it in my eighties.

Wow. The powers in this town are stronger than I thought.

Actually… what’s in this Coke?