One day to go…

WOWEEEEEE, time flies! It’s hard to believe my first (maybe only) book will be on the shelves this time tomorrow! I’m sure nothing will change. Nothing drastic anyway. One minute it won’t be there, and the next it will. No big deal. But I’m going to have to document the occasion, obviously, because one day, when I’m old and grey and Dubai is a distant memory in my fuzzy head, and I’m one of those really dippy ladies who only wears beige and only talks about the weather as she peers weirdly over the fence at the “youths” making too much noise at their “wild party”, I’ll probably want to look back on all this and remember how I once did something sort of cool.

Yesterday, my amazing photographer friend Autumn took a host of fab promo shots, like this one above, to be used in various mags and stuff. I love this one in particular because it’s the same position as the sexy girl is sitting in on the back of the book, and because, thanks to the glasses you can’t see how despicably hungover I am. (Saturday night was pretty massive, involving Japanese (food not people), overly tall transvestites and a 2am food platter involving toast and old salami that quite frankly I’m ashamed to have presented to my friend).

I also like this shot because I’m just far enough away that my teeth don’t look too crooked. YAY!

At this point I don’t actually know how many people are coming to the launch party on Thursday night at Ariel Books. Error. I started keeping a list in Excel but as my friends all know, I am SHIT with numbers, even when there are names attached to them. I started getting confused 🙁

I know… I am totally crap. But honestly, work has been really busy and just seeing that green blobby ‘X’ thing flashing on my screen as the programme starts up gives me the shivers. I have a rough idea though, and have had lots of lovely emails from the wonderful people coming, so hopefully it will be a good turn out on the night and not too many people will cancel at the last minute.

All that matters is that people have fun, because seriously, the excellent peeps at Ariel must be getting sick of me now. The shop is on the walk from the Fringe (my fave bar) to Crown St (where good things always happen at night), so I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to stop with whoever I’ve been with since they put the poster in the window, to get a pic or something (like this, urrrrgh). And I haven’t always been one hundred percent un-drunk.

Well, it’s exciting!!! Bet they can’t wait to get rid of it though. And me.

Roll on tomorrow! You can buy buy buy and read read read! Oh but if you’re coming to the launch and want to wait till then, you can also get your copy from Ariel on Thursday if you like. xxx

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