One half of Lola Salt: an interview with Sarah Alderson

Tomorrow, our FREE comedy novel will be featured alongside best-selling, world-famous Irish author and the queen of chick-lit, Marian Keyes, on the new chick-lit section on Wattpad. The Extraordinary Life of Lara Craft (not Croft) is a fun story concocted by me and Simon & Schuster author Sarah Alderson. Here’s my interview with the novelist herself.

So, Sarah, you’re one half of Lola Salt and I’m the other, what’s it like to write with someone else?

I had never written with a writing partner before and it was amazing how easy it was to do that with you. And so much fun. The great thing was that we have a very similar style and sense of humour so our writing blended seamlessly. Even now when I read the book I have no clue who wrote what.

We both write at the same fast pace. I’d write around 2000 words, until I got tired or didn’t know where to take the story next and would then email it to you, and then the next day you’d have emailed me back another 2000 words – so it was brilliant. We never really discussed in great details where the story was going so it was like one long game of consequence. And we made each other laugh so hard that the book was a complete joy to write. I felt like whatever I wrote you would only improve upon and hopefully you felt the same.

How did you come up with the idea for Lara Craft?

We originally were ranting about 50 Shades and decided that we too would write an erotica so we could get instantly rich (hahahaha) but when we started, after about a page we had collapsed into fits of giggles. We realised that we just couldn’t keep a straight face writing erotica but what we had written was accidentally very funny, so we kept going in that style.

The ideas flowed very easily for the book – with a premise that involves Lara being fired from a circus that’s a little like the Cirque du Soleil (a friend of mine from school is an aerial artist and that inspired that part of the book), Lara ends up delivering packages around the globe for a concierge company. We chose locations where Becky and I had either visited or lived so that we could draw on real life experiences (like the Prince in Dubai and the scenes in Bali)…yes, the most crazy parts of the book are the true ones.

You are well known for your young adult novels, including the Hunting Lila series, how is this book different?

It’s very different! This book is definitely rated R (18). But hopefully people will still see the same humour and pace of writing as in my young adult books, which are all thriller romances.

Fans have commented on how hot the men in this book are, and your young adult fans regularly swoon over the hot boys in your YA books, where do you get your inspiration?

Hahaha, yeah my leading men do tend to be very swoonworthy! Becky and I drew a lot of inspiration from actors – we’d discuss who our characters looked like as we were writing them and I would say that Becky and I have been quite lucky (and unlucky) in love during our lives so we have a lot of material to draw from personally. In Hunting Lila, the main character Alex was based on Alex Skarsgard who I completely lust after. I’m also often caught googling ‘hot male models’ – for research purposes obviously.

If you could deliver a package anywhere in the world to anybody what would it be and whom?

I would love to fly to the UK (where I’m from) and deliver a package to my best friend. I live in Bali on the other side of the world and I really miss her. I’d deliver a chocolate brownie and a bottle of malbec. Or I’d fly to LA and deliver the script of Hunting Lila into the hands of Ben Affleck and ask him to direct it!

What next for you as a writer?

This year is very busy. I’ve got the third book in the Fated series (kind of like Buffy) coming out in March and my next thriller romance novel The Sound – coming out in August. I’m working on the edits for that at the moment and this week found out that Simon & Schuster in New York have bought it which is just the most exciting news ever.

Then I have a short story coming out on World Book Day (Feb 28th) on their app and the film of Hunting Lila is in development so quite excited on that front too.

As for books I’m hoping to write another one with you before the year is up. This one detailing Lucy’s adventures.

Tell people where they can go to find out more about you and your books?

My website:

My facebook:

Twitter: @sarahalderson

Buy The Extraoardinary Life of Lara Craft (not Croft) here OR read it for free alongside Marian Keyes’ new work on Wattpad!

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