One woman’s mission to lose her virginity by age 30: how you can support my friend’s incredible project!

d004e4ea9c47876d0a71f9d0468b2378_largeTwo years ago in Bali I met a fabulous girl called Jennifer who had one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever heard. She was writing a book about it, and that book became The Virgin Asanas: How Yoga, Sex, and Mother Mary Changed Everything … a modern coming-of-age story, of sorts.

Yes, really.

Sex. God. And Yoga. Mothers. Daughters. And Destiny. Giving up. Growing up. Going mad. The juicyness no one is talking about… yet.

As we all know, publishing is a tricky game, especially now with everything going digital and publishers being low on cash and all “well, we love it but,… but… but..”  They’re wary about taking on new authors. But whereas some people might have lost hope, Jen is chasing that fricking dream until it’s realised because… well… writers need to write, and keep writing. It’s the only thing we know how to do.

Although Jen can do pretty good cartwheels…

Jen needs just $8000 to make publishing The Virgin Asanas: How Yoga, Sex, and Mother Mary Changed Everything possible. With $8000 she can publish her story. Please help her raise the cash by pledging your support here on

You won’t regret it! This is one hell of a book! xxx