Perils of the big Bali blackout…


I do admire how some parts of southeast Asia take the concept of pavements to an entirely new level. Bali is no exception.

This crumbling, dilapidated array of concrete slabs are of course intended to help us walk about. Although, looking at them, you wouldn’t be crazy to assume they’re actually intended to help break and twist our limbs, thus getting us off the streets completely.

They’re especially fun at night, though. Just now, upon realizing the battery seemed to have mysteriously died in my scooter I was walking back to the house when one of Ubud’s great blackouts occurred. I had 8% battery life left on my iPhone, so as soon as I’d worried for a bit about how the hell that was supposed to last me all night for 3G powered Facebook scrolling I realized I should probably instead be using the remaining power to operate my nifty flashlight app, to light the way home. Lucky I did. I almost fell into this:

And just as I was thanking my lucky stars, (which incidentally were all lit up thanks to the lack of power on the streets), that 8% battery life saved my own life again, because I was able to see this… this mother of all pavement traps, looking like it was blown from underneath by a troupe of pedestrian-hating street rats.

I tell you, venturing through Ubud in a blackout is not advised, especially if you only have 8% battery life for your flashlight app. Luckily I made it home with 4% to spare and then found I could charge my phone via my computer, hence being able to inform you all of these woes via this blog.

But some people with less nerdish tendencies might have been in trouble.

You’ve been warned. Carry a flashlight. Or perhaps two of those neon glow sticks you get at raves, so you can have your own little blackout party as you walk. Yes. I think that’s a better idea.