Photo of the day: the best Dubai lunch, ever…

It’s not every day you get to order a footlong crap for lunch, but if you really fancy such a delicacy you’d do best to head to Dubai, where it can be found on the Subway menu. YUMMY!

When I first took this photo back in 2007, my friend ‘P’ who works in the marketing department at everyone’s favourite sandwich shop almost had a heart attack. She forwarded the salubrious snack to her colleagues and I think some action may have been taken towards getting it off the menu quick sharp. But alas, alack, the men at the other end only spoke Arabic and didn’t really seem to understand what was wrong. “But it is a nice sandwich, inshallah?”


I’m not sure if you can still order a seafood and crap sandwich for your lunch in Dubai, but I really hope so. I really do hope so.

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