Photo of the day: the curious roadside rider…

In the UK, or Australia, most roadside billboards feature the likes of the latest chicken sandwich from KFC. Of course, they have those in Dubai too, but more interesting, I think, are billboards like this. I think you’ll agree, THIS IS SPECIAL.

My friend and I used to welcome this roadside rider on our daily walk home from work, when we first arrived in Dubai. I’ve mentioned this sweaty, polluted journey throughout the book but needless to say it was a voyage you wouldn’t to make yourself too often, consisting of multi-laned motorways, 100 per cent humidity and stares from Arab drivers thinking we were mental as they whizzed past in their humble, air-conditioned Porsches.

This artwork of equestrian excellence features the Sheikh, or the Sheikh’s brother, (or someone of equally high importance) and served to lighten our foul mood every single time we walked past. Here we are worshipping its presence. We don’t actually know what it was advertising, but it didn’t really matter at the time. It was just awesome. So awesome in fact that I have surrounded it in a Photoshop halo. Aaaah.