Poltergeists and possessed shoes: Imagine finding this in your inherited house…

1416114535796_wps_7_A_Redditor_by_the_name_ofThe orb right here was what really interested me about this story today! Can you see it? A little ball of white light halfway between the wall and the ceiling. And don’t you go telling me it’s the flash because that’s not gonna stick. It’s a GHOST, OK?

Seriously though, when I’m writing I’m always going into rooms and wondering what my characters will find, but none of them have ever found anything like this. A whole freakin’ vintage shoe shop!! (and a ghost).

A family in the US found an entire shoe shop which was open in the 1940s to 1960s in an old building they inherited from their grandparents. IMAGINE! The doors had been bolted up for decades. What’s more interesting to me though, especially considering this mystical orb, is why. Why did this family not know their grandparents had this priceless Holy Grail of hipster gold shackled up in their basement, gathering dust like tiny, rubbery, murdered leathery corpses?


I like to think a vicious poltergeist was unleashed from a haunted Converse box and the grandparents in question were so traumatised by this anguished sole (geddit? Sole? Sigh) that they abandoned their possessions for fear of… well… possession. I like to think they kept this Soletergeist a secret because it was threatening to attack their entire family by taking control of their shoes, then their legs, then their hearts. Their only chance at survival was to lock those doors and let those shoes go; each one a testament to their heroism and victory in the face of the soul-sucking vortex of the Shoepernatural.

Now they’ve unleashed it! Everyone who buys these shoes on eBay will die. It’s going to happen, mark my words.

If you see any of these haunted shoes for sale, please be careful and ensure you have your correct ghost busting equipment handy. Together, we can still win.

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