Proof that you can now believe your horoscope…

I do love a bit of horoscoping. It’s nice to know that when you screw things up, it’s not really YOU screwing things up… it’s just Mercury playing his old tricks. Today I got confirmation that it’s never my fault when things go wrong. My horoscope – of course, gotta love Susan Miller – says of August:

“Mercury has been retrograde in Leo, filling your career sector, so if you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels, getting nowhere, you now know why. All that will change for the better after August 8.”

She’s so right. Everything’s been happening today. And I bet if you think about it, something good has happened to you today, too?

It’s WEIRD. I’ve made a list of what happened today in my own little universe, more for my own reference really. I’m thinking I’ll look back at this when things are shit and remind myself that some distant planet is playing up, and it’s only a matter of time before the universe realigns. I think we should all do this. It will make us all feel better and consequently we’ll be nicer people and the world will ALWAYS be a nice place.

Here are the things that happened over the 7th and 8th of August:

I finally received the typeset pages of my second book, ‘Balilicious – The Bali Diaries’. It’s minus the photos but that will be sorted soon and it’s great to see it looking so professional in this early stage!

I got the advance cheque for the new book, ‘Latinalicious – The South American Diaries’ after weeks of waiting. Weird that it came today, but lemme tell you this is GOOD. I’m definitely not in Bali anymore, stuff costs a lot here!

My co-writer and friend Sarah Alderson has had some AMAZING news that could potentially mean big things for us in the U.S.A, but I can’t reveal too much about that….

Autumn and I received confirmation that we’ll be going on an amazing Stella cruise through Patagonia, departing Puento Arenas and arriving in Ushuaia in September (we started planning this about three weeks ago and we just got the confirmation today!)

I finally made some progress with Spanish verbs. I mean, finally, something started to sink in (this is perhaps the most exciting one of all)

I’ve had confirmation for a stay in Chile that’s been dragging, and also that Buenos Aires’ most famous party hostel (Millhouse) has room for me and are keen on helping with my book by showing me some nice  things to do in order to write about them, yay! This is sooo nice of them as things are muy caro/very expensive here, which has kind of been worrying me as a girl needs to party and pay for steak and Malbec and have fun adventures as well as learn verbs, obviously (tut).

I made a nice new local friend who is taking me out to see the REAL Buenos Aires on Friday. Huzzah! See? All in one day. Little things that all add up to a Mercury not being in retrograde.

Anyway, what happened to you today that you can thank the planets for? Check your horoscope with Susan, she is the best!

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