Romeo Beckham and the mannequins…

So says my fave trash-rag The Daily Mail of Romeo Beckham: “He was hand-picked to star in the spring/summer 2013 campaign by Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey, who is close friends with the Beckhams, as is photographer Mario Testino, who helmed the shoot.”

Right. So it was a done deal from the moment he formed in the womb, we assume. Well, good for him. The spawn of Posh and Becks was bound to be a looker, let’s face it, and he is VERY cute. But am I the only one who thinks putting him in skin tight jeans and a trench coat is a bit much?  What kid wants to dress like that? If I’d ever tried to go to school dressed in beige with a matching scarf and brolly I’d have been beaten up before I even got through the gates. It looks a bit creepy to me, like a thirty year old got put in a hot wash and shrunk.

Mind you… he’s a bit more fun than the robots he’s pointing his umbrella at. I’m not sure why that woman’s got her leg up. There appears to be no point to that position at all.  Unless she’s trying to cover up that man’s hard-on. But that seems unlikely, seeing as though he appears to have been struck by lightning and died some time ago.

If he was alive, surely he would have noticed that a  kid dressed in THE SAME OUTFIT AS HIM was pointing an umbrella at him. And if that were the case, the last thing he’d be doing would be standing there letting some other freak, albeit a hot, female one, also in THE SAME OUTFIT AS HIM, stand there with her leg up, pretending like nothing’s wrong.

Perhaps I just don’t understand fashion anymore. I think I’ve been travelling too long…

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