Save The Subs! Take Action Today…

I was sent this email today and thought I would post it here. Hopefully it will encourage a few more people to take action. Unfortunately, this is something that’s happening a lot… not just within Fairfax.

I have been a sub before and lemme tell ya, it’s a pretty important job. I also know for a fact that by “outsourcing” subs, the quality of work goes down the shitter. 

This is the start of a sticky slope for writers, subs and other freelance and full-time creatives everywhere. PLEASE TAKE ACTION!

“You have probably heard about plans by Fairfax Media to outsource the jobs of subeditors and many designers employed at The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

You might also know that the journalists employed at the papers are deeply concerned this decision will lead to a serious reduction in the quality of the papers as subeditors and designers are such a critical influence in giving the papers the look and feel that set them apart from the rest of the media.

Journalists at the paper are taking several steps to convince management at Fairfax Media their decision is flawed and should be reversed.

Many members of the community for whom the papers are important have asked how they can help to protect their quality and integrity, characteristics we believe are vital if they are to survive and ensure Sydney and Melbourne don’t become one newspaper towns.

If this is an issue that concerns you, journalists have offered the following suggestions:

And above all, please keep buying The Sydney Morning HeraldThe Age, the Sun Herald and the Sunday Age to ensure the community has the diversity of media a healthy community requires.

Thanks for any support you can give to this important campaign to defend the papers critical to the fabric of the Sydney and Melbourne.”