Saved by an otter in the Pantanal… (Dragoman Rio-Cusco Part 2)

jacketlifeThe Brazilian Pantanal is probably one of the most incredible, alive places on the planet – a living, breathing organism spitting out birds before your eyes. Being amongst it feels like being in a 3D nature documentary. When the Dragoman truck pulled up at the Posada Rio Claro today after a three-hour drive along the most scenic road ever, it wasn’t long before we were ushered onto some boats for a river cruise. Look at how happy we were to get these funky life jackets. There’s no way we’d become caiman-food in those, we’d just blend perfectly in with the environment…


Or so we thought. This beast was still pretty inquisitive.

It wasn’t exactly comforting when one of the engines died either. Our guide Max pumped the engine for a good 15 minutes to no avail. We were stranded in caiman and piranha infested waters, albeit in beautiful waters. Stef was quite concerned…

sad stef

Luckily they solved the problem with a shoelace… or what looked like a shoelace as they tied the boats together, leaving us one solid Dragoman entity, totally caiman proof.


Or so we thought… Again.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARuss offered his foot as a sacrificial dinner so he wouldn’t take anyone else… but a passing otter thought that Russ was being far too heroic and popped along to see if he could help.


The caiman quickly backed off. Apparently otters can take down caimans. So there we were, in the Pantanal, tied together with a shoelace, being saved by an otter from a caiman.

Today was a good day.

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  1. hahaha thank God for the shoelace and otter, that looked like a nasty beast! great pics LOL I would have been tres concerned about the motor!

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