School and university revisited! A brilliant day of memories…

DSC_0081Yesterday I met up with my good friends Linzi, Lesley and Rachel. Linzi, Lesley and I used to go to school together, so we’ve known each other since we were about 11. We all went to the same college and then Rachel and I went to uni together in Lincoln… so in one way or another our paths have crossed for about 21 years. We caught up in Lincoln and revisited our old campus – had a pint in the Hogshead, which later became The Shed. Here’s what it looked like in the year 2000:


And here’s what it looked like yesterday:


I think the recession has taken its toll. Rachel and I both studied media related courses… here we are pointing that out:


It was quite strange being back in Lincoln after so long. So many memories came flooding back over a bottle of wine on the newly redeveloped Brayford Pool area. It definitely did not look so pretty when we were at uni here. Mostly it was just old derelict buildings. We had to travel out of town for the cinema, but now it’s right opposite the uni with a million bars and restaurants!


DSC_0105Those students are so damn lucky… no wonder no one was at The Shed.

Here’s a scene from 1999…


And here’s one from yesterday:

DSC_0090Some things never change… although we’re a bit classier these days.

We thought we would re-enact an old photo moment from college. Lesley took Charlotte’s place, who couldn’t be there yesterday due to being on holiday (we missed you!). Here we are back in 1998:


And here we are yesterday in 2013:


So fun! Thanks for a fabulous day ladies, let’s not leave it 12 years till we reunite next! xxx