Short Copy / Advertising


When I worked as creative copywriter for Leo Burnett in Dubai, Emirates NBD asked us to come up with a campaign to encourage its employees to think about going ‘green’ in the workplace. I came up with the concept of listing humans as ‘endangered species’, wrote the tagline ‘Earth. Your Responsibility’ and created a short profile for each person, detailing how they’re unknowingly abusing natural resources. (Click image to enlarge).






Leo Burnett in Dubai worked with Kellogg’s to create the copy for Special K Challenge campaign. It was based around women eating a Special K diet, and finding the right swimwear to suit their body – whatever their shape. I wrote the copy for a series different swimwear do’s and don’ts, which went on to appear on the back of cereal boxes in the UAE. (Click image to enlarge).

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Escalade Platinum needed a new tagline for a series of print ads, to emphasise that the Escalade really is the best vehicle on the road. I came up with the tagline ‘Escalade Platinum. Dream Bigger’ and the concept of placing the car in ‘out of this world’ situations. I also devised the copy at the bottom of the ads, which went on to be printed in a major national campaign. (Click image to enlarge).

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Galaxy – one of the world’s most popular chocolate brands – wanted a direct mailer to excite potential customers about the fact that eating chocolate makes you feel goooooooooood! I created the copy around 5 Secrets to Feeling Good. (Click image to enlarge).





Cadillac needed some “exciting and inspiring” copy for a new print ad to run in the UAE’s national media, prior to the release of the new CTS-V. It was my role to write it and excite people into pre-booking their vehicles! I also devised the tagline ‘You want each other.’ (Click image to enlarge).

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