Sneak peek of Balilicious book cover…

Whoo hoo! It’s all been fixed and tweaked and here’s the cover I was presented with at HarperCollins this morning . Coming soon to a real shelf near you! (I snuck into Dymocks with the mock up… you can’t actually buy it in shops yet!)

I met my lovely publisher and editor, Jeanne and Jennifer in their fancy office on Elizabeth Street in Sydney, and we ate cake and talked shop. Exciting! I never thought I’d be an “author” having meetings at big publisher’s in big cities, but it’s a good feeling to be making things happen. They  are both still playing with words and photos to make it just as awesome on the inside. And I met a fabulous lady from the sales team who will soon be working to get it on shelves. REAL people, doing REAL things. Amazing what email hides sometimes.

I really like the blue and pinkyness of it, it’s basically a cool follow up of the first one, except with less abaya.  Waddya think?

Balilicious will be out in December 2012, just in time for your Christmas stockings. Better tell Santa if you want a copy! xx