So Lions can swim. Let’s hope Tigers can fly. How safe is Tiger Airlines, really?

We all like a nice dip in the Bali ocean, but this isn’t exactly what we had in mind…


Reading about the plane crash in Bali last night is a bit scary. No one yet knows how it happened…. how exactly a plane could overshoot the frickin’ runway and land in the sea!  “The new Boeing 737-800 had been trying to land at Denpasar’s Ngurah Rai International Airport about 3.30pm local time (17.30 AEST) on Saturday when it crashed,” says the news, which also says all 101 passengers survived, thank God. It does makes me think twice about flying these cheap airlines all over the world. I mean, there’s watching the wallet, and then there’s staying alive.

I’m booked to fly to Bali with Tiger Airways next month. Not Lion. But you know… lions and tigers… same same. It prompted some investigation, and together with a friend on Facebook Messenger we uncovered some shocking facts. I actually had no idea that Tiger Airways was grounded in 2011 after TWO planes flew into Avalon Airport, south-west of Melbourne, below the lowest safe altitude. In the same year, Tiger was issued with a show-cause notice over pilot training and maintenance procedures.


Lions can float, as demonstrated. But can Tigers even FLY?


Reading on…. “Tiger Airways do have new aircraft, but have them maintained by the cheapest possible contractors”, says one website. “The fleets always have to operate intensively and consequently, there is less time to maintain and examine the planes for errors, so the fleets could not keep the standard quality as it is required. Therefore, safety of Tiger Airways remains a big question for travelers before flying with this airline,” says another.

Gulp. Better be packing those waterproof waders.


The Herald Sun says:  “The plane broke into two pieces… An Australian surfer paddling nearby was reportedly among those who helped passengers, mostly believed to be locals, to the shore.”


Imagine being a surfer just out to catch a wave, when a humongous effing PLANE falls from the sky next to you!

Luckily no one was killed this time. But I think we’ll all be watching those flying wild cats more carefully from now on.

2 thoughts on “So Lions can swim. Let’s hope Tigers can fly. How safe is Tiger Airlines, really?

  1. I know… sadly it seems like it’s only a matter time before it happens again. Not a pleasant thought. Hope you’re doing well in Canada – any plans to come back to Bali yourself any time soon? x

  2. Well it was inevitable that this would happen. European aviation authorities will not allow Indonesian airlines into European airspace–no need to wonder why.

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