Social Media

TIQETS.COM was the fastest growing start-up in the Netherlands in 2016 and 2017 consecutively. This Mobile ticketing platform offers a range of activities in different cities around the world, giving travellers the opportunity to buy and display their tickets on their smartphones, skip the queues and save time.

Having been writing product copy for since July 2016, I’ve recently been brought on board to devise a social media strategy and help manage their channels. This includes writing blogs, lining up posts and working with the content and marketing teams to promote the best stuff!




As a community manager for HTC (a Taiwanese consumer electronics company, which released the first commercial Android smartphone) I was responsible for monitoring Facebook and Twitter posts for almost 7 million followers. I made sure the comments below the posts were answered according to the brand guidelines, which meant having a full knowledge of all products and new releases… and typing very quickly! (Click the image to enlarge)




This American sportswear and footwear retailer operates in roughly 20 countries worldwide and I was responsible for monitoring all social media posts. They have almost 6 million Facebook followers, so again, I had to be quick to respond to customer queries, and I had to know the products really well. (Click the image to enlarge)




Ritz crackers is an American snack with several variants, and they have 1.5 million Facebook followers. I was sure to keep up with the current releases and stayed on top of marketing campaigns, monitoring all social media as and when it was posted. (Click the image to enlarge)




MTV UK has 3.7 million Facebook followers and again as a community manager I spent many hours sourcing content from the MTV UK blog to re-post in an edgy, fun way on their social media pages. I also posted entries on their Tumblr page and responded to fans/commenters. Fun role! (Click the image to enlarge)




Mills & Boon is a romance imprint of British publisher Harlequin UK and it was founded in 1908. As community manager I boosted Facebook and Twitter followers by conceptualising campaigns with the marketing team, posting, interacting with users and monitoring results. This Mother’s Day campaign had a lot of interest. (Click the image to enlarge)


I’ve found that when brands add personal photos and sound ‘human’ in their Facebook posts, they get a lot more engagement. This post about a new Mills & Boon colouring book is a great example. (Click the image to enlarge)




Playbuzz is a free website that allows you to create an online quiz. I’m experienced in creating fun, quirky questions that make these quizzes engaging and thus create a real interest in the brand. Take a look at this one for Mills & Boon. (Click the image to enlarge)




The delicious cheese spread that’s known all over the world has over 1 million Facebook fans, and it was my job to keep them happy, answer any queries in an ‘on brand’ way and of course, eat a lot of Philadelphia. It’s important to know what you’re working on. (Click the image to enlarge)