Some people have bigger problems…

While you’re walking your dog, while you’re choosing your wine, while you’re deciding what to wear for another night on the town…super_typhoon_usagi.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterbox

“A quarter million people were homeless and 477 confirmed dead after the Philippines’ worst typhoon this year, officials said Thursday, as the government appealed for international help.”

While you’re Skyping your friend, bedroom to cosy bedroom, while you’re watching a film in the cinema, while you’re getting irate at the Internet being slow…3206020-3x2-940x627951215-philippines-typhoon

“Erinea Cantilla and her family walked barefoot for two days in a vain search for food and shelter through a muddy wasteland near the mountainous town of New Bataan after the deluge destroyed their house and banana and cocoa farm.”

While you’re stressing at the traffic, while you’re riding the bus, while you’re wondering when your boyfriend will do the dishes or make you some tea…TOPSHOTS-PHILIPPINES-WEATHER-TYPHOON

“A man trapped for two days under rocks and debris after flash floods swept away his entire family was among those rescued Thursday. “It’s a miracle that I survived, but I might as well be dead,” said Carlos Agang, 54, who suffered a broken right leg.”

Some people have bigger problems.

Thinking of the Philippines today.