Spalding School Reunion is Imminent…

I got a message today about a school reunion for the class of 96. My first thought was JEEEEESUS, did I really leave school 19 years ago?! My second thought was, why the hell am I the only one looking to the side in this photograph?

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 12.15.11


I remember being very envious of Denise’s glasses – the girl I’m looking at here. Plus, she always made me laugh, so maybe she made a farting sound or something which caused me to ruin this otherwise lovely class photo. Who knows? To be honest I’ve never been great at being serious in photos.

There was also the time we had a school dance… a little later on… when I got really drunk and passed out at the end of the row, just as the photographer was taking his snaps. The photo was published in the town’s newspaper and there I was, lying down on the floor in my pretty dress, making a tit of myself.

Probably best I left this town, really. But it’ll be interesting to attend the reunion.