Stackhouse in the house…

I’m officially excited. Jason Stackhouse is coming to the studio on Wednesday, and he just so happens to have the hottest body on Planet Earth. Even better than Taylor Lautner’s in Eclipse. I mean…. look at him! It’s ridiculous.

If he doesn’t want a photo with me, I’m going to grab him in a headlock, force his arm around me and pose for one anyway. FACT. He’s not getting away without me touching him. Be afraid.

Jason’s real name of course, is Ryan Kwanten. He just plays the character of Sookie’s brother in the show ‘True Blood’. I’ve only seen the first season but I reckon Paul and I are gonna have to buy the second one to perv over when we’re on our trip. More about that later. I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t managed to blog, but I’ll be making up for that shortly. Lots to talk about!

For now though, let’s all perv over Ryan some more, shall we….