Ever worn a monkey on your face? Then you’ve never done a Dragoman trip… (Latinalicious snippet)

Last night I had a dream about monkeys... now, this is something that occurs regularly so perhaps I was actually a monkey in my last life, or perhaps I'm experiencing some weird calling back to the jungle, but it reminded me of a moment in Brazil on my Dragoman trip. Me and my mate Russ did the Trans Amazon Rio to Cusco in 24 days back in Feb/March. That's him with a monkey on his face. Awwww. And here's me...Read More

Saved by an otter in the Pantanal… (Dragoman Rio-Cusco Part 2)

The Brazilian Pantanal is probably one of the most incredible, alive places on the planet – a living, breathing organism spitting out birds before your eyes. Being amongst it feels like being in a 3D nature documentary. When the Dragoman truck pulled up at the Posada Rio Claro today after a three-hour drive along the most scenic road ever, it wasn’t long before we were ushered onto some boats for a river cruise. Look at how happy we were to...Read More

Chasing aliens and how a truck is not a bus… (Dragoman Rio-Cusco, Part One)

This is Dave. He's driven the equivalent of the circumference of the earth four times in the last eighteen months, which is 150,000 kms. That's a hell of a lot of driving. As you can see, Dave is slowly but surely becoming the Dragoman truck itself. He dresses the same, sometimes he guzzles his fuel, and he does make a series of loud noises... although to be fair this is usually when he's commanding someone to do a series of...Read More

Rio Carnival versus Spalding Flower Parade…

Now. The 2013 Rio Carnival has been insaaaaaane, yes, but I couldn't help compare it to my beloved Spalding Flower Parade, which happens every year in the town I grew up in, in England. This parade features vast amounts of tulips, which are grown in the local area and everyone acts very wholesome and demure as they sit on big floats covered in flowers, waving. It's fucking FUN, I'm telling you. So, Rio... well. The Sambadrome was something else entirely....Read More

Bush camping, jungle navigation and tribes, oh my! Gearing up for the Dragoman tour…

I've just been reading through the itinerary again for the Dragoman tour I'm doing with my good mate Russ, and it's getting me all excited for Brazil, whoo hoo! I've been on the road since July and while I've seen some truly insane things in South America that I'll remember my whole life, I'm not sure any of it has prepared me for the Rio Carnival. The more I hear about it, the more I think, well... I don't even...Read More