Weird sexy stuff at NEMO

A single girl’s guide to Amsterdam’s NEMO Science Museum

Check it out - a building that looks just like my love life. A giant, sinking ship. (Sigh). Yes, yes, the dating game's a drag at times, but rather than sit around swiping dejectedly through the cesspool of humanity Tinder, I thought it was high time to 'meet people in the real world!' NEMO seemed like a good enough place to start on a free, sunny day in Amsterdam. It could still become the ship of dreams, right? Perhaps in a...Read More

8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date A Journalist…

I just love this post by my witty, pretty friend Shitika Anand (text below). If you don't follow her blog, you absolutely must - she's one of the most observant, funny and goddam brilliant of our species. And by species, clearly I mean the media kind. Dahling. Observe and remember. And hands up if you're guilty. *raises hand 8 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date A Journalist... "1. They will make money off your life: Not the gold digger way, absolutely...Read More

Don’t date a girl who travels…

A friend just sent me this and I had to share! Some of it rings so true... or did, up until a few months ago I guess. Yes I have battle scars from wars with bugs and coral, no I don't wear a watch, yeah I bug people to book plane tickets and run away with me, and yeah, I detest the thought of working for someone else's dream... but it's not all true (ahem). The point is, if you're...Read More

The Great Speed Dating Experiment: Part 2

“Do you bank with us?” “I’m sorry?” The half-Chinese, half-Australian bloke opposite me, who had just sat down and informed me he worked for Commonwealth Bank, was asking if I banked with them. On a speed date. I shook my head, told him no, at which point he shook his own head and said that was a shame because he could really help me out. I think it was his way of getting me to tick ‘yes’ by his name...Read More