How to utilize all those indie author tools to stand out and grow your audience…

As indie authors swimming in this endless ocean of ebooks, we all know by now that we need to get smart if we want to actually sell any of our own. I've written a post with fellow author Sarah Alderson on how to market your book, but here are some nifty must-haves from myself and my cover designer/fantasy author Jeanine Henning. (Article originally published on Jeanine's blog!) What Becky’s found…. TweetAdder Most traffic to my blog and to my books comes...Read More

Oh, BookBub, why don’t you like me? What did I do wrong? (and how to market your FREE book elsewhere)

I've given you everything haven't I? Don't you want us to be exclusive? What did I do wrong? These are just a few of the questions going round in my head when I get this email. And trust me, I get this email a lot. In fact, I'm quite sure the people at BookBub have a special filter on their email, just to pick up my requests. They talk about me at staff parties, after work, in quiet bars, sipping their...Read More

From mainstream to self-publishing: why I’m making the jump (and why I’m excited!)

Since I decided to venture into the world of self-publishing I've found all manner of doors flying open in places I didn't even realise there were doors! With the stigma of self-publishing washing away, there's a huge community of writers out there scrambling to help each other where mainstream publishers have either failed, or not even been involved at all. There's a sense of family, a support network, a bond that comes from knowing that every one of us is essentially...Read More