Before He Was Famous (Starstruck #1) Playlist…

While I was writing Before He Was Famous, songs would either pop into my head or present themselves as I sat there, either on the radio in the background, or on Spotify. And sometimes, friends would introduce me to a song and I'd just know it was a Noah and Chloe thing! There were so many songs and artists that spoke to me along the way. Joshua Radin, Jason Reeves, Matt Nathanson and Birdy to name a few. Not all...Read More

Why I am probably too old for concerts: a reintroduction to loud noises, crotches and the dangers of bottle tops

I wasn’t allowed to keep the cap on the plastic bottle of water I ordered at tonight's concert at the O2. “You’re not allowed caps inside in case you throw them at an act you don’t like,” the young girl behind the counter told me when she took my seven pounds. “It’s not Ascot. Anyone’s allowed in.” Fair enough, I thought. Can’t argue with that, but how I’m supposed to throw a bottle top at Dizzy Rascal’s bopping head when...Read More