One day to go…

WOWEEEEEE, time flies! It's hard to believe my first (maybe only) book will be on the shelves this time tomorrow! I'm sure nothing will change. Nothing drastic anyway. One minute it won't be there, and the next it will. No big deal. But I'm going to have to document the occasion, obviously, because one day, when I'm old and grey and Dubai is a distant memory in my fuzzy head, and I'm one of those really dippy ladies who only...Read More

Planning the Burqalicious book launch… sort of.

With less than one month until the book comes out, I’m starting to get a bit nervous, if I’m honest. It’s all absolutely fabulous when you get the publishing deal – years of hard slog, blogging to God-Knows-Who and writing utter crap for gossip websites just to get your name out into the cybersphere finally pays off – but no sooner has the celebratory champagne headache passed, than you’re onto your next concern: wondering if people are actually gonna buy...Read More