rose petal bath

The time I… took one of those sexy rose petal baths

Yes indeedy, that is I... bathing in a tub resplendent with rose petals. This was about... God I think maybe ten years ago now... in a hotel somewhere in Oman. I was going through some old photos on Facebook when I found this one. It was born around the era us millennials will come to know as that time we stopped loitering outside Boots eating Monster Munch till our photos were printed, stopped sticking them in albums to be remembered...Read More

Saved by a Kindle: a not-so-intrepid volcanic adventure in Ecuador…

"Soar with the condors, bike with the pumas", said the flier. Oh wow, OK, I'd love to! That sounds awesome, I thought. Well, it wasn't. Today was an epic travel FAIL. "This moderate to challenging adventure takes place at the foothill of the majestic snow-capped active volcano Cotopaxi. Cycling will start at the Limpiopungo lake and will explore the national park!" Well, it didn't, because I was too frickin cold to get out of the bus. YES. I just spent an...Read More