Boxing Day Tsunami romance excerpt: (The Day of The Wave)

This is an excerpt from my latest new adult romance, coming May 2015. In brief... "Isla and Ben were just sixteen when the Boxing Day tsunami tore through their beach resort in Thailand. Just days after forming a life-changing bond, both were missing and presumed dead. Unbeknown to each other and haunted by one of the biggest natural disasters in world history, Isla and Ben are living very different lives, until over a decade later when a chance encounter throws...Read More

A week of Thailand’s Islands, in photos…

It's been a looooooong time since I blogged anything, like I said, I'm a "traveler" now. Well, I was. It all comes to an end tomorrow when I ship off back to my beloved Bali to start working on another book, hurrah! I fell in love with the place when I spent a month there in June and I feel soooo lucky that I can now go back, for even longer. More to come on that... It's been an incredible...Read More

So this is paradise? (What “The Beach” looks like today)

Suffice to say “The Beach” was pretty packed today. Leonardo DiCaprio seems to have filled out a bit however. He chose to hover with a camera at the shoreline, his bulging beer gut hanging over his bright blue speedos in full view of the masses, all of whom were struggling to find a spot to swim amongst the bobbing speed boats. Maya Bay, where Danny Boyle chose to film the scenes of utter Eden for the movie back in 2000,...Read More

Thai River Rapids and the Spooky warnings of doom…

Today has been the unluckiest day I think I’ve ever had. In spite of setting off for my Intrepid tour (from Bangkok to Singapore) with no problem, on the way onto the train, which we rode south overnight to Khao Sok National Park, I fell over the prongs of a fork lift truck and smashed my foot. Yeeeeoooowwwww!!! Luckily my new friends (there are 12 of us in the group) didn’t cast me off as a complete loser and we...Read More

Spider Showers and the Eye of the Tiger…

WOW WOW WOW, what an experience! Chiang Mai has been incredible, both relaxing and adrenaline packed. We’re due to leave tomorrow after a week of fun including a cooking school, a less-than-average but in retrospect, awesome, jungle trek, shopping in tourist markets, riding elephants and getting massaged to the max! The highlight for mum and I here in Chiang Mai however, has most definitely been stepping foot in several tiger’s cages. There’s a place called Tiger Kingdom here that basically...Read More

An impending jungle trek…

This won't be winning any awards for the best website design any time soon, but it does provide quite an exciting insight for the next few days in the Liz and Becky Thailand adventure. After some incredible experiences cuddling tigers, kissing pythons and getting hugged by elephant trunks yesterday, we're heading off with a company called Buddy Tours on a three day, two night jungle trek... type thing. The map above displays our route. Keep in mind that the temperature...Read More

Joining the dots….

Today I have mostly been joining the dots in my latest travel itinerary. And oh my god, for every moment of excitement I feel at the prospect of disappearing for a few months with nothing but a bag and my computer, I feel an equal measure of terror. What if I don't see everything I'm supposed to see? What if I don't find "myself" at all? Or what if I do and I realise I totally suck, and I come...Read More