The hills are alive with the sound of ‘Call me Maybe’: Glampacking at the EcoCamp Patagonia…

For the past four days we’ve been hunting scorpions, scouring the horizon for pumas and doing what TLC said we should never do – chasing waterfalls. And very windy glaciers. Torres del Paine is mind-blowingly beautiful and because we went at the start of the ‘season’ we got most of it to ourselves with the guys from the glampacker's choice of accommodation, EcoCamp Patagonia. Hurrah! There are definite benefits to travelling when everyone else says you shouldn't. Another is that...Read More

Who lives in a house like this? (hint: me and Autumn, soon)

No, it's not the set of The Hobbit before the special effects team get hold of it - it's where me and the awesome Autumn Mooney will be staying when we get to Patagonia for a four-day Wildlife Safari at EcoCamp Patagonia. Suuuuuper excited! It's a dome! The last time I did anything fun in a dome was probably... EPCOT? I was eleven. Domes are so underrated. There should be more of them. I don't think these have rollercoasters in them like...Read More