How to write a novel: 25 rules

This post is so inspiring, just had to share! Thanks to Matt Haig, who posted it originally. Sometimes us writers really need to read cool stuff from other writers. We are all in this together, people! So here it is. 25 rules for how to write a novel. Never be in awe of your own style. Writer's block = writer's indecision. Write anything at first. Francois Sagan said 'I have to write to begin to think.' So do you. Right now,...Read More

Published authors Sarah Alderson and Becky Wicks talk self-publishing versus mainstream. Today’s topic: how to choose what’s best for YOUR book

Becky Wicks and Sarah Alderson are two authors in their thirties who started their careers writing young and new adult, and travel memoirs with Simon and Schuster, Pan Macmillan and HarperCollins. in this brand new age of self-publishing however, they're both discovering that while signing with the mainstreams is exciting and has definitely boosted their writing careers, it's not always the best way to go. Here are a few thoughts on the pros and cons of mainstream versus self-publishing as...Read More

From mainstream to self-publishing: why I’m making the jump (and why I’m excited!)

Since I decided to venture into the world of self-publishing I've found all manner of doors flying open in places I didn't even realise there were doors! With the stigma of self-publishing washing away, there's a huge community of writers out there scrambling to help each other where mainstream publishers have either failed, or not even been involved at all. There's a sense of family, a support network, a bond that comes from knowing that every one of us is essentially...Read More

Author Nick Spalding’s top 10 self-publishing tips…

I found this article recently and thought it would be good to spread the love. I've been thinking a lot about self-publishing lately as it really seems as though it's the way things are going, so articles like this from a top self-publishing and mainstream author are good to keep in mind. It can be found on the BBC website in its original post here. Nick Spalding is the bestselling self-published author in the UK. He recently signed a six-figure...Read More