The Aynsley-Bruce wedding and a scary squirrel…

I’ve never cried at a wedding until this wedding – seriously. They’re emotional affairs but I think Hannah’s wedding is the first I’ve been to where you could literally FEEL the love and happiness  bouncing off the walls. Aww. Also, it was especially great because it was the first time in years that myself and my fabulous Mountbatten friends have been together in one place. We’ve come a long way from this:


To this:


… and so has camera technology, apparently. So yes, the wedding was at a gorgeous stately home called Orchardleigh House in Frome, which is near Bath in Somerset. We all stayed either in the huge house or in the cottages, which I think are converted stables. Luckily the British sun made a special guest appearance for the photos, so they came out beautifully and further enhanced all those glasses of pretty pink champagne. There are tons more photos here!

The next day, me, Angela, Kirsty and Dave shared a taxi to Bath, and dragged our luggage around historic buildings in a state of woe…


Bath is quite funny. It’s all a bit cream colored and full of crowds of people looking to experience very, very British things, like this:


I quite liked this inquisitive squirrel, although Angela wasn’t too sure about it:


Anyway… it was a great weekend and now that I’m over the culture shock of being back in the UK (almost) I am going to try and blog more because I’ve been quite overwhelmed by a lot of things after all this time and feel that I should really be making more notes.

More soon, and much love to man and wife, Hannah and Matt, who will be beginning their married life together properly this week at Oktoberfest in Germany. Who’d have expected anything less?