The bar that is also an office…

The best and worst thing about being a freelancer is that you get to make your office anywhere you want.

It’s the best thing if you’re a disciplined soul who cherishes silence and being alone in order to get a job done. It’s the worst thing if silence terrifies you into a severe case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and you feel a constant need to surround yourself with people, just in case something exciting happens.

Over the last nine months I’ve made several offices out of several bars. All have served me well. Literally.

My favourite however, is always the bar here at Pesona Resort on Gili Trawangan. I spent most of Christmas here, pretending to work. Somehow I wrote a surprisingly large chunk of Balilicious (the sequel to Burqalicious)  at this very bar with pop music pumping into my ears, so if there are any major errors, you’ll know why. Of course, they’ll have nothing to do with the three-for-two margaritas I also enjoyed in my “office”.

Here’s to my friends at Pesona, who are still helping me fight the FOMO. Even my dad’s been sucked in.

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