The best Pilates in Ubud, Bali, (and maybe the world)


I’d like to take a minute to tell the world about Ubud Pilates, because really, over the past few weeks it has changed my life. And my abs. And my arms. And my legs. And everything. I’m not one of these people who goes to the gym a lot, or ever, actually. People who know me will attest to this. And to be honest in spite of living in Ubud and trying so very, very hard to love yoga, I actually don’t. I’ll do it, but I never really enjoy it because it’s just not for me. Everybody’s got their own thing I guess.

But anyway, Ubud Pilates, with the amazingly awesome Asa (pronounced Awe-sa – like awesome, which she is) is the first kind of workout I have ever really wanted to do. I actually wake up in the morning thinking “oh yay, another Pilates session! Let’s go go go!!”

The studio itself is very tranquil…


…and also there’s never any more than eight people in the class so you always get personal attention and adjustment – very important for people like me who have zero coordination and can’t seem to manage many positions very well at all, ever… (OH SHUT UP, FILTH WIZARDS).

I’ve become a bit of a Pilates addict. Last week I went to four sessions. I bought my own mat and resistance band so I can add my own exercises at home. Here I am in my room, in a photo I posted to Facebook not long after starting. A couple of people missed the point of my photo, which was LOOK, I AM DOING EXERCISE! IN MY HOUSE! Probably because I never, ever do exercise in any house, they thought I was instead impersonating that girl who crawls out of the telly in The Ring.


Anyway, not long after this, and after pondering in front of the mirror for a while with a deep frown, I even sent someone I know a photo asking if they thought I had abs. I’ve never done that in my life. They didn’t reply. Well, they said I looked good but that might have been because I was semi-naked, sending a selfie in the middle of the night. The “do I have abs” question was left lingering in the abyss, and I took it to mean “NO, you do not have abs yet, but you look OK semi-naked in the dark”, which is a start.

SO, yeah, maybe my abs are all in my head and not actually halfway down my torso yet, and maybe I look like the girl from The Ring when I exercise, but the point is I am starting to feel the difference. I am EXCITED about some form of workout and I already Googled Pilates in London because I’m worried about not being able to do it when I leave Bali in September.

Now that is progression.

So all of you thinking of coming to Bali to do any form of health and wellness retreat or exercise regime, or anything, take my word for it, you want to contact Asa at Ubud Pilates. I pay 850,000 RPS for ten classes, which is less than $10 AUD a class at today’s crappy exchange rate. I still think that’s less than in most big cities though.  Trust me, if she can change me, she can change you, too.

Thanks awesome Asa!