The boy who missed the rainbow…


Once upon a time there was a boy called Noah who went to sleep and missed a rainbow. That wouldn’t have bothered him. Not at all, because the land of dreams was a fine land indeed and he felt comfortable there, floating on cotton candy clouds.

But the rainbow Noah missed became two rainbows, which arched across the sky and glimmered with golden edges, even BIGGER and more impressive than McDonalds. This made Noah sad.

His friend Becky (who was really very nice) went outside and said, ‘Please, rainbows, come back. You will make a boy called Noah very happy if you just shine in the sky a little more.’

But the rainbows, which had retreated behind thunderous storm clouds on the brink of explosion shouted ‘No! Our colours will wait for no man!’

Becky frowned. She didn’t think the rainbows were being very fair. And to be honest, they didn’t really sound all that scary. They were clearly rainbows with issues.

‘Is this because of the ark thing?’ she asked, suddenly.

‘Yes,’ the rainbows said in unison. ‘Noah takes two of everything, and we are afraid. But if he wants, he can still go to McDonalds and have two Quarter Pounders with two pickles.’

So he did.

The end.