The Day of the Wave – Playlist

This is probably the most fun I’ve ever had putting a playlist together for a book. There were just so many great artists who inspired me and so many songs that seemed to fit perfectly with parts of The Day of the Wave. Here are my top picks, and you can play them, as well as the rest as you read by clicking the YouTube thingy up there!

This Love – Tyrone Wells

‘You’re beautiful just as you are, you don’t have to hide your scars, if you come to me I’ll help you learn to see, you’re beautiful just as you are.’ I get a happy buzz from this song! I can imagine it playing as Isla and Ben are racing along on the scooter and they’re remembering how happy they were, back when they met before the tsunami.

Gravity – Barnaby Bright

I’ve tried – I’ve tried everything I know, Anything to let you go, Aw, but I just keep on sinking. I lied when I said I was alright, I’m anything but alright, I am anything but winning.’ This is the song that would be playing as Isla takes the night bus to meet Ben in Khao Lak. She’s wondering what the hell she’s doing but she knows she has to do something. And like gravity, he’s pulling her in.

Stealing Cars — James Bay

‘No I don’t know why seasons change, Or how we fell so far, Before our hearts go up in flames, Let’s go throwing stones, And stealing cars.’ This gorgeous song, to me, is the perfect summary of how Ben and Isla realise they need to start living in the moment, together! Now is all we have. Maybe this would be playing in the tree house in the jungle, the first time they spend the night together.

Rush – Liz Longley

‘Have you ever had a love so real, that through your veins you could almost feel a rush of blood to your heart.’ I can picture this song playing in the waterfall scene, when Ben and Isla have jumped off the elephant and are making out, right before he pushes her away.

The Last Goodbye – Richey Lam

‘I still remember your face, I still recall your warm embrace, I’ll always love you for the chase, I’ve got to let go.’ I just adore this guy’s voice! This song would be playing towards the end when Isla’s on the plane with Colin, but all she can think about is how she’s been forced to say goodbye to Ben. Sad, sad, sad!

There are more songs on the playlist! Click at the top to listen and thank you all heaps for reading! Don’t forget there’s a bonus chapter too, click the link in the nav bar to download! x