The four legged starfish and me…


Yesterday I met a starfish who’d had one of his legs severed off. I said “Ouchy, mr starfish, that must have hurt! You poor thing, what happened?”

The starfish, whose name was Kevin Spikyfoot, looked up at me from his spot in the surf and said, “Do not pity me, giant creature, I count myself as a fortunate soul. For although I may have only four legs, everyone else has five.”

I said, “Kevin, pray tell, why is that a good thing?”

Kevin raised a thorny arm, smiled wistfully and said, “Well, thunderous being, now I’m different. I stand out in a crowd. After all, gargantuan human, did you not notice me above all the other starfish in my kingdom?”

And I said, “Yes, Kevin. So I did. You really are a special starfish. I hope we’re friends forever.”

And Kevin, who’s really all the cooler (and a little bit cocky) for his seemingly advantageous dismemberment said, “I’ll think about it.”

The end.