The ghosts of Christmases past, and why I am missing “home” right now…

article-2488250-193940FF00000578-806_964x609There’s something magical about London at Christmas actually that for some reason I am missing this year more than ever. Hmm. Check out the window display in London’s luxury department store, Harrods. Mum just sent me this article with pics of 2013’s offering: The Harrods Express and it’s making me all nostalgic, here in Colorado with the snowy white mountains behind me and the blazing sun burning in a blue sky. Why do I want to be in drizzly, claustrophobic London?

I don’t know why. But I kind of do.

Maybe it’s because for the past few Christmases I have been somewhere totally random that didn’t feel very Christmassy at all. The year before last I was in the Gili islands off Bali, which is where I met my current flat mate Nicole. Obviously Indonesia doesn’t really “do” Christmas so it was up to the travellers to put the furry Santa hats/antlers on and get drunk while trying not to drown in the swimming pool.

392600_10151110620610160_665548059_n-600x403_gilisLast year I was in Colombia watching stray dogs screwing on the streets, getting high on Bob Marley’s muffins and admiring the absolute disregard for time the South American people have. On New Year’s Eve for example there were roughly seven or eight blasts of ‘Happy New Year” and even more firework displays all fizzing over a half hour timespan because no one was actually keeping track of midnight. The sunsets were spectacular in Cartagena. I will never forget that sky… or our favourite ceviche place, easily spottable thanks to its sweating snowmen and Santa.403493_10152361761415160_1264866945_n_cartagenaI remember Christmases in Dubai, too. It was always the coolest time of year, which meant we could be outside. Dubai only did Christmas for the expats really. One year we went camping in the desert…

156_18962035159_8438_nWe didn’t need Santa hats for that because even though it was ‘cool season’ it was still hotter than hell out there. Didn’t mean we didn’t cook those pork-free sausages on a fire, though.

156_18962075159_1021_nBoth years in Dubai we took advantage of the somewhat luxurious lifestyle. Here we are pulling crackers on my apartment building rooftop (oh yeaaah!) and waiting for our gifts from Santa in the Dubai Mall!

166_17564315340_1695_n_Fotor_CollageGood times.

I spent a couple of Christmases in Australia, too. One particularly memorable and super fun time was at my friend Pip’s house. Look at the view we enjoyed over Christmas dinner, a couple of hours outside of Brisbane:

21040_398349800159_1612105_nAnd I wasn’t missing the London chill in that pool, either:

21040_398351820159_4844437_nYes… Christmas has been kind of amazing for the past however many years! I’ve made some fabulous new friends. I’ve seen some incredible things all over the world. But now… this year… I’m somewhere kind of “normal”. And I don’t know why that’s sad, somehow.


Maybe it’s because I’m getting older… maybe it’s because I’m tired of travelling this much, maybe its because in small town American I am surrounded by happy families with cars full of presents and dogs and the TV is showing nothing but scenes of what I’m missing… but I’m realising there’s something comfortable in tradition, something nice about knowing where you’re going to be eating and drinking, shopping and dancing, and who you’re going to be laughing and joking with when this time of year rolls around.

Maybe next year I’ll have Christmas at home.

But maybe next year, home will be somewhere totally different…