The Inca room of horror and some cool shoes: falling in love with Cusco and toggles…

I like Cusco a lot. Well, compared to La Paz, which is a stinking city of choking car fumes and women selling Dove soap bars from plastic stools (more or less) Cusco is a breath of fresh air… even though it won’t stop raining. Yesterday I had to buy a highly unattractive rain jacket… the kind with a head-swallowing hood and toggles. Yes. TOGGLES. Just pass me my baggy beige hiking pants people, I am old before my time. 

Anyway, today, in preparation for the four day Inca Trek which I start on Thursday morning, I went to the Inca Museum in an effort to understand the people. I thought if I could understand why they built that big Machu Picchu thing I might feel a bit better about walking 99,000 miles uphill at high altitude in an unattractive rain jacket with toggles. It was interesting. The lack of a   decipherable description in English for many of the exhibits meant that once again I was left to make up my own stories of ancient civilisations (and urns) anyway, but I rather liked this creepy room full of mummies:

I got told off after taking this photo. The security man prodded me on the shoulder and looked at me in a way that suggested he was afraid my flash might wake the mummies and send them pounding on the windows zombie game style, begging to be let out. I told him I didn’t use my flash which seemed to pacify him, but he followed me around after that, which was annoying.

Cusco is very pretty with its cobbled streets. I even bought some new skinny jeans in the only marginally fashionable store I’ve seen in about two months. Oh, but I do like the shoes in all the markets. Check these out.

I bet I could make a killing with these on eBay. Are these available at home? I have no idea about fashion anymore. It’s only a matter of time before I actually fall in love with my unattractive rain-mac and toggles, let’s face it. These things happen when you’re travelling.