The most fashionable fashionista…

Nicole Richie was in Sydney to open a new shopping complex today, but she spared half an hour to grace us with her presence at the radio station.

She faked an afternoon tea party with our lovely presenter actually, as her entourage of eight fussed about behind the scenes. I haven’t ever seen an entourage as big as hers, except maybe the crew that accompanied British popstrel Alexandra Burke the other week (she even had a hairdresser brushing her locks straight before I could snap her!).

Nicole didn’t have a hairdresser… seeing as her weave is probably glued on anyway…. but she did have own photographer. I’m not sure whether he was hired to give the media the impression that she has a permanant pap at her side, but he took a lot more photos than we did, that’s for sure. Maybe he uses his photoshopped snaps of her to trade with the media who threaten to print the raw ones – who knows. But anyway, she was very sweet and surprisingly non-Hollywood once we shut the studio doors. I even had a little chat with her. Oh yes I did! It went something like this:

Me: “Hello… how are you liking the Sydney weather?” (it was raining)
Nicole: “It’s not too bad, it was sunny yesterday”
Me: “Yes it was much nicer yesterday wasn’t it.”
Nicole: Silence.

We also shot a video, which we were assured would be fine to post around the Internet… only once we’d spent the vast majority of our respective days editing, photoshopping, faking paparazzi flashbulbs over footage of her smiley, skinny self, we were informed “Nicole doesn’t like the lighting” so could we please delete all history of it ever having been in existence. Which was nice.

What was left, after we deleted the parts she didn’t like, was this. It’s interesting enough in a 15 second, pointless sort of way, and shows her in a reasonably lovely light, but I know, the editor knows, her private photographer knows and now our computer trash folders all know… she’s still living a lie.

Bless her.