The PEAK of it…

Thanks to Daddy Wicks for sending me the piece my local paper, far, far away in Spalding, Lincolnshire, ran on the book the other day. I won’t paste it all here obviously, cos that would be embarrassing, but I do have to mention the sneak ‘peak’ they inserted from the text. Not a peek, mind you. A peak.

I think this must be different to a peek, as a peek is just a glimpse inside something, whereas a peak is a huge climax… the point at the top of a mountainous task from which you sit and go “aaaaaaaah, thank god I got here in one piece.” I’m glad they posted a peak, in this case, as it’s way more impressive; even though the peak at which the extract ends isn’t very climatic at all.

There are about 500 more words in this piece that weren’t printed, probably because all the page space was taken up with a giant photo (ugh) so you really just end up with a rather pointless bit of blabber. A bit like this blog post really.

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