The Royal’s idea of ‘Indian street kids’ is not quite right


I know I shouldn’t read the Daily Mail because it always annoys me… but today THIS was ridiculous.

Honestly. Been to India? Yeah, so have I. Met the ‘street kids?’ Yeah, so have I.

Someone here was clearly like ‘don’t worry, we’ll clean up a few and make them look pretty for the staged photo shoot, so you can sit with them and not get your designer dresses all dirty.’

Love you Kate, but really, India’s street kids do NOT have Prince William lookalike pressed and clean shirts, or styled hair.

They’re filthy and maimed and clingy and desperate, all things that would make the British public (and royalty) gasp and actually want to DO something. Wish you, with all your power, would show the world how it really is instead of following Granny’s orders.