The spider who had the last laugh…

spider6queensexterminatorI can only imagine how the spider feels, who caused one man in Seattle to burn down most of his house today.


A scared man who saw the spider in a pile of laundry tried to kill the bugger with an aerosol spray can… and a lighter.


When Seattle Fire Investigators arrived at the scene they had to evacuate nearby homes. They weren’t entirely sure, apparently, whether or not this guy was storing firearms in his house. I mean, you never know these days, do you? You could be trying to murder a spider… or you could be trying to murder a community of humans. Same same.

‘”The spider tried to get into the wall,” the man said in his defence, as he watched the firefighters dousing flames from his roof – flames that would cost him US$60,000 in damages. Hope he’s got insurance.

Can you imagine how the poor spider felt about all this? I mean what a story. You can imagine him going home, snuggling up to his wife: “Hey, you’ll never guess what happened to me today…”