The truth behind my first Mills & Boon novel, Tempted by Her Hot-Shot Doc

Tempted by her hairy tarantula?

I was asked recently how I got the idea for Tempted by Her Hot-Shot Doc, my very first Mills and Boon Medical romance. (It still feels weird to type that!)

Honestly, while I’d like to say I had hot, steamy sex with a rich TV Star/doctor in a gushing waterfall in the Amazon rainforest, I didn’t.

I simply got eaten alive by sandflies, mocked by a German tourist called Bengo (he mocked me?!?) and tripped through rainbows on ayahuasca with a shaman – but that’s another story. You can see that here, if you’ve ever been intrigued by toxic tree sap.

This was all back in 2012-2013, by the way, when I was working on my third travel memoir, Latinalicious – the South America Diaries.

I spent quite a lot of time in different parts of the rainforest over that 9 month trip. I made this video in another part of the Amazon, at Cuyabeno National Park in Ecuador. There were still no hot doctors to shag in waterfalls… but there was a distinct lack of German tourists called Bengo, and a very cute pet monkey called Nacho.

This video shows some seriously badass piranhas and their crazy razor sharp teeth! My main character Ryan, in Tempted by her Hot-Shot Doc actually demonstrates the dangers of these teeth to my heroine, Madeline, in the novel. She’s quite impressed, as was I when my jungle guide first yanked him out of the river like a modern day Indiana Jones.

I love myself an Indiana Jones, or a Tarzan… in a uniform though, right? Forget the grubby hat, and the undoubtedly soiled loincloth, those are just…. no.

My jungle guide became a high-flying doctor with much bigger fish to fry. My rainforest woes became real medical dramas, and in my (mostly) fictional story, someone gets the happy ending I never did. (Not like that, don’t be filthy).

Here’s another weird fact. Shortly after I finished writing Madeline’s story for Mills & Boon, a girl called Madeline moved in with me. Fate? A sign? Just a random rubbish fact that means nothing? You decide.

The tarantula plays a part in the book, too! But I won’t spoil that part…

Tempted by Her Hot-Shot Doc is released to retailers (including Amazon, on February 22. The single digital edition will be released to the M&B website on February 01. You can order the UK version from