There’s a girl singing very loudly from the house next door…


Funny things happen in Bali. Every day. All the time. Usually the funniest are like… when I’m working in a cafe and someone sits down and starts talking loudly about their chakras being misaligned or the great guy they saw perform last night who had some AWESOME raw food rap songs about a durian (true story). 

But right now there’s a girl singing again very loudly from the house next door. It’s so bad. It’s the kind of singing that is only sung by someone who thinks they have a talent – loud, bold, with passion and heart – but actually comes from a person who is deluded. This stuff could crack mirrors. It’s cracking my skull. I am trying to work and I’ve been reduced to putting my earphones in and listening to the sound of a crashing rainstorm in the  rainforest just to drown her out. 

I resent listening to such sounds where I am because they’re recorded here. I live in a jungle. 

Anyways, whatever, so I’m sitting here telling the friend whose house it is, that this godawful sound is seeping out of its orifices (she’s away in the UK and is renting it to this person, whoever it is). She writes back to say the woman who’s renting the house has a daughter who’s a very talented singer, who she often talks about on Facebook. Apparently some friends liken this girl to an angel when she sings.

She has not said whether these friends are partially deaf or not, I’m guessing they must be, because if Whitney Houston, who is hopefully an angel now up there somewhere, could hear what THIS angel was doing to I Will Always Love You right now she would not be impressed.

Like I said, funny things happen in Bali.