There’s nothing more sexist than The Sun pulling Page 3 Girls…

lusardi-fox_2476712bYes… SEXIST. If only for what’s being said around the decision to drop this whole thing!

“Instead of bare breasts, the pictures will now show scantily-clad women wearing bras and pants. In Monday’s issue, the model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was shown wearing Marks & Spencer underwear.”

Ugh! I’m sorry… but no. People, this is just as bad! And how is Marks & Spencer supporting this?

“In September Rupert Murdoch hinted the end may be in sight for Page 3, describing it as “old fashioned” on Twitter. He then asked his followers: “Aren’t beautiful young women more attractive in at least some fashionable clothes?”

Again. Ugh. Don’t talk about women like this at all, please! What the HELL? We’re not learning something here, Rupert.

“According to the Guardian, executives had planned to drop Page 3 quietly, without fanfare. It is understood the change may be reversed if it causes a dramatic drop in sales.”

Ah right, so now we get to the bottom of it! You’ll drop it because people aren’t so keen anymore BUT if you start to lose money it’s right back in with the tits. Of course. And there we were, thinking you gave a crap about anything except money.


We need to ban The Sun, and EVERYTHING inside it, quite frankly.