Things to do in Denver, Colorado (apart from smoke pot)…

Denver is probably one of the most chilled cities in the USA. It’s not somewhere I really thought I’d ever go, but seeing as I’m in Boulder just 45 minutes by bus up the road, I thought I pop over and explore. I used to book a room for a few days and if you’re going solo or with a partner I would highly recommend this place in Capitol Hill. My host Martin was lovely. He even left me a gift:

weedThis is Colorado, don’t forget. This shiz is legal. It shouldn’t be your number one chosen activity really, but let’s face it, a little stroll after a nice puff is a wonderful way to pass the time. Even if it means spending HOURS staring in goggle-eyed awe at things in Whole Foods, like this:

whole foodsI like myself a bit of culture, so checking out the sites on foot in the Downtown area is a great idea, especially as that sky is always so damn blue. Honestly, if you could take this weather to London I’d live there forever. And the mountains, too. Let’s not forget the mountains here… they make everything look like a picture postcard. The Rocky Mountain National Park is just 71 miles away and there you can get totally lost (and freezing cold) on over 350 miles of trails!

DenverColorado_0I stayed in the city though. Denver is the fourth most walkable downtown in the nation, don’t you know, although there’s a pretty good bus system. The RTD’s 16th Street MallRide is a FREE  shuttle bus that takes you through the main shopping area. Nice one, eh? homelessAt night there are tons of fun things to do in Denver. I made an attempt to visit the Denver Zoo because at Christmas it’s all lit up with flashing festive lights, but my friend and I kind of got distracted in a pho restaurant called Pho on 6th which seriously had the best damn pho I’ve had since I was in Vietnam. And then we got even more distracted in a bar called Beatrice & Woodsley, which looked like a ski chalet mixed with a Game of Thrones boudoir. Look, it has my initials!

mebarOver the road was Sputnik, which was more of a dive bar. Here we sat on swizzle stools and talked about how bad it was that we failed to visit the zoo. More cocktails were consumed until it felt like the right idea to visit a place called Tom’s Diner, where I had perhaps the greasiest grilled cheese with bacon I’ve ever consumed in my life.

I’m sure there are loads more things to do in Denver, like visit the fortress-like Denver Art Museum, or the US Mint, where they produce 50 million coins a day, or be all posh and hipster-cool at Larimer Square, which is basically a block of Victorian buildings filled with boutique shopping, cafes, dance clubs, a comedy club and allegedly some of Denver’s best restaurants.

Or you could just smoke some more pot from your Airbnb host and walk round Whole Foods again.