Thoughts about rainbows…

IMG_0125I cycled home tonight right under a rainbow – the kind of rainbow that smiles across the sky in every colour, and then more colours you haven’t seen before.

And I got to the park, and I noticed that people were stopping… stopping in their tracks, on feet, on bikes, on skateboards and on picnic blankets, and they were all looking up at the rainbow, all pointing fingers and eyes and cameras to the sky.

But mostly I noticed my smile had gotten as big as that rainbow, just at seeing this.

Just at seeing all these people, also smiling, feeling so much at joy at the same thing.

And then I realised…

We are all the same.

We are all the same and we’re either here looking at how shit this world is, or looking at rainbows.

And I like it when everyone’s looking at rainbows.

*No I’m not stoned.