Today I did this…

Today I walked along the river with my eyes shut listening to the sound of the rain on my umbrella because it made me feel like I was in a moving tent and that made me happy.

Then I bumped into a waiter who said I should go into his cafe for some coffee so I did and we had a nice chat and that was good. Then I decided I don’t like museums because they’re full of things that have already happened so I went and bought some socks because I’ve been needing some and then I pretended I was Evita with a leopard print umbrella and hummed a bit of Another Suitcase in Another Hall.

Then that made me sad because the lyrics are a bit like my life without Antonio Banderas when he was sexy so I ate a choripan which made me happy. Then someone farted over me on the subway and I had to sit in it, so I got off early and walked home.

The end.