Today I disgraced myself in an Indian holy place (by accident – Jeeeez)

photo 3Quite pleased with myself for writing almost 4000 words of my new book I left the cafe here in Fort Cochin to reward myself with some light shopping, or general store browsing. On the way out I heard a big cheer and I assumed the guys watching football were happy about someone scoring a goal.

I had a nice little stroll around before it started to rain again, so I made my way back to my home stay to re-asses my afternoon plans.

Roughly ten minutes later as I approached my final destination a lovely Indian lady bustled after me. “Excuse me!” she called. “Excuse me!”

She pointed to my dress. It appeared to be tucked about my waist at the back, caught up in my laptop bag.

It also appeared I’d been walking around an Indian city for over ten minutes, past numerous shops (and holy relics) with my big blue knickers on show, and the people watching football weren’t cheering at footballers after all.