Today I reached my “sexual” Limmit…

IMG_8069I was just buying some water in the local Circle K tonight when the assistant put something on the counter in front of me. It was this sign for Limmit – Premium Coffee for Man. I noticed the word “seksual” in there and had to look twice.

I thought perhaps he intended for me to buy it, seeing as I didn’t look particularly womanly in my usual gypsy uniform, but then I realised that perhaps he hadn’t mistaken me for a man at all… perhaps he assumed I had a man at home who wasn’t quite man enough without Limmit.

It struck me as quite funny that someone would call an aphrodisiac or sexual aid of any sort Limmit. Should it not be No Limmit, or UnLimmited?

Anyway, I just stuck to the water. I don’t know what this would do to girls but I can’t be up all night anyway… I have another sunrise yoga session to sleep through in the morning.